APRIL 25-29, 2018
Rules & Regulations
TOP TEACHER AWARDS To qualify for the top teacher awards, you must have a minimum of 50 Pro/Am entries and students and teacher must be on an All Inclusive Hotel Package. These awards are based on total points accrued during the event. The point system is explained below. ALL ENTRIES MUST BE PAID IN FULL BY DEADLINE DATE IN ORDER FOR ENTRIES TO COUNT.
 To qualify for a top teacher: teachers should be on package Rules for Scholarship Awards: *If less than 3 contestants participate, prize money awarded will be half of the full ammount stated above. **Participation in at least 4 dances is required to qualify.
RULE 1 If more than one person qualifies for first place then the highest total will be the winner and second place will receive second place prize money )i.e., $8,000 to first, $5,000 to second)/ Should two people tie for first place, they will split the sum of first and second places (i.e., each will receive $6,000)/ This also applies to all other places.
RULE 2 If first place does not qualify with 350 entries and has for example greater than 250, he does qualify for $5000. Should second place also have greater than the 250 entries but fewer points than the other he will qualify for second place and receive $3000 third place prize money. Should the third place person have greater than 100 but less than 200 entries he will be awarded 4th place prize money.
RULE 3 To qualify for top teacher prize money, all entries must be received no later than the final deadline (March 31st, 2016) and must be paid in full. Additional entered after the deadline will not count. RULE 4 In case of an emergency, student substitutions may be made within the original heat, as to no disrupt the schedule. If the substitute fall into a different age category or level, we will allow them to be judged separately.
Placement points to teachers for each pro/am student / student entry:
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